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Reflexology to greatly improve the quality of life for Senior Citizens

Holistic Home Visits

As Angelina Holistic Therapies continues to expand I can now offer a Holistic Therapy Home Visiting Service for Senior Citizens. This allows a wider range of clients to benefit from a professional complementary therapy treatment. It is especially important to have regular complementary therapy treatments as we advance in age as the body becomes more susceptible to wear and tear and may be prone to ailments such as Arthritis,Constipation,Dementia,Alzheimer's,Depression and many other conditions. When working on clients with arthritis I will be working on the reflex zones related to the kidney and lymphatic gland in the hands to aid elimination of waste products and to reduce inflammation.To assist and aid with impairment of mental capacities( memory loss,Dementia and Alzheimer's) I will work on the reflex zones in the hands that relate to the brain-stem.Reflexology can help to improve the quality of an older person's life and touch and comfort are the primary aims.The hands ,knuckles and finger joints are often very stiff and regular hand massages can help to loosen the joints and promote flexibility. Incontinence and constipation may also be improved by regular Hand Reflexology Treatments.

Please note:

All clients will be required to fill in a consultation form (this may be filled in by a relative or member of staff if the client is not able).

All treatments are fully-clothed and non-invasive.

Discretion and client confidentiality is adhered to at all times and client's notes will be kept in a safe place.

Copies of my current memberships and insurance are contained in a folder for inspection.

I have a Degree in Science with Complementary Therapies at Merit level and as part of my training and assignments I studied Dementia and the effect of Lavender Oil for Dementia patients.

All clients will be treated with the utmost respect and treatments will be carried out in a caring, sensitive manner.

To find out more please phone me on 07967 434232 ( I can ring you back or give you my land line number )