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Psychic Tarot Readings by Email

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I have always been very intuitive and gifted from a very early age and psychic gifts and second sight run in my family. People would ask me to locate lost items and I also had many pre-cognitive dreams and have been able to witness events and global events before they happened. From as far back as I can remember I have always Astral Projected (leave the body) when I went to bed at night and visited various places. My friends have often said that they have seen me appear in their house during the night.

I have given people many messages and channelled spirit through my body in order for their loved ones to communicate with them and told people things that mean nothing to me and the response is always "how did you know that". Well I just get a "knowing" and there is never a doubt as it is channelled through me. I have only ever had good things happen and I truly believe that what you are is what you attract and I am a kind, caring, empathic person, so if you are drawn to me then all I need for an email reading is a current photograph and a date of birth. I use my clairsentient gifts to link in and connect to you and I use Tarot cards (I don't need to use anything as I can do a reading without, but I now find I can do a more in depth reading by using the Tarot).

To have a reading with me please pay by PayPal on my website or through my email address, When you have paid send me an email and I will do you a reading.

This is an in-depth reading which takes up to 2 hours and contains a wealth of information.

**All readings are for entertainment purposes. Diane does not accept responsibility for any misinterpretations or inaccuracies contained in a reading.