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Holistic Therapy Home Visiting Service for Senior Citizens 07967 434232

Holistic Home Visits

I offer a home visiting service specially designed for Senior Citizens.The prices are at a reduced rate and I aim to offer a friendly,comforting relaxed treatment for my clients.In the comfort of their own home or care home I offer Hand Reflexology. This is an excellent treatment for helping to relieve Arthritis,stiff knuckles and finger joints and carpel tunnel syndrome.I use Aromatherapy oils specially blended to alleviate pain,stiffness,and conditions such as Arthritis. Lavender is my most popular choice of oil as it is beneficial in the treatment of insomnia,memory loss and may help to delay the onset of Dementia.

Reiki Healing is another therapy that I offer as it is non-invasive (the client remains fully-clothed). It can be performed in a chair,bed or wheelchair.The energies of Reiki are very soothing and comforting and can help the client to feel at ease .Elderly client's benefit from touch.

Indian Head Massage is also a non-invasive treatment that can be performed in a chair or wheelchair and the client remains fully-clothed.A series of gentle rhythmic movements are performed across the upper back,head,neck and shoulders.It is deeply relaxing and also stimulates the brain and loosens tension in the neck and shoulders.

Each session is 35 minutes duration and a Free consultation and aftercare advice are included.

Regular Holistic therapy treatments can greatly improve your quality of life.